- !!! is still in development!!! -

- Any bike loving fan can join, just make sure to post a photo of your bike when you join

- Feel free to create your own groups

- Want to share you bike adventures or troubles that you've had? Create a blog and share it there!

-Video upload should now be working, will leave this here for now.

- You can upload videos, beware you are limited to 120sec and 120MB Per video - Still having issues here

- Stories are for photos only, uploading videos is still in development

- You can email "" if you have any issues/bugs

- You can contact "Joel Sullivan" for help or to report an issue

- Yes, there is a darkmode, top right dropdown.

- Mobile App Currently in development - Let me know if you want to be one of my testers! (Apple Only Sorry)

- Backups are carried out weekly Tuesday 10 AM to Wednesday 9 AM (AEST).

--If you are on at this time,  site may slow down a tad. (should only last 5-10mins)--

- You can report a post by selecting the 3 little dots on the top right hand of any post and selecting report content.

-- This will get check multiple times during the day, but if it urgent message me directly.




We are not a "club"